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How To Find The Right PMU Machine For Me?

Table of Contents Recently, permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos are really taking off. With the increase in training providers, more and more people are learning these beautiful pmu treatments. While performing these procedures, from blended eyebrows, nano eyebrows, scar coverage, PMU freckles, PMU eyeliner, and PMU lip blush, most apprentices are faced with the question

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Best PMU Machines in 2022

Best PMU Machines in 2022

If you’re still struggling to choose the best permanent makeup machine and have concerns about “what PMU  machine should I buy? Then look no further! We’ve done professional research and compiled a list of the five most popular pmu tattoo machines on the PMU market! Reading below will give you a clear idea of what

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PMU Guide

the Difference Between Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

Quickly Grasp the Difference Between Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

Table of Contents People who are beginners to permanent makeup or who are not particularly interested in beauty trends may think of tattoos as permanent makeup, and although both are achieved by inserting the ink into the skin, there are many differences between the two. Permanent makeup involves the face, focusing on the eyebrows, lips,

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