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How To Find The Right PMU Machine For Me?

How To Find The Right PMU Machine For Me?

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Recently, permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos are really taking off. With the increase in training providers, more and more people are learning these beautiful pmu treatments. While performing these procedures, from blended eyebrows, nano eyebrows, scar coverage, PMU freckles, PMU eyeliner, and PMU lip blush, most apprentices are faced with the question “What permanent makeup machine should I buy?”. Quelle this article provides you with a detailed guide to buying PMU machine.

Mastering the type of permanent makeup machine is the first prerequisite

  1. Coil pmu tattoo machine: The most classic style in permanent makeup tattoo equipment. It is designed to fit the basic needle design and is housed in a clear tube. These needles are placed inside the tube of the machine. The unique feature is that the machine uses a rubber band inside the tube to adjust the tension of the needles. The movement of the needle is direct, so it has an extra advantage in lining in tattoo or permanent makeup.

  2. Rotary pmu tattoo machine: This pmu machine gets its name from the drive shaft that allows the pmu cartridges to move up and down in a rotation. It is one of the lightest pens, usually relatively small, which makes it ideal for permanent makeup cosmetologists.

  3.  Wireless permanent makeup machine: Combining the advantages of the coil tattoo machine and the rotary tattoo machine, the wireless approach ensures maximum freedom of treatment while allowing all procedures to be performed. Not only for high-powered tattoo needs but also for all permanent makeup treatments, the wireless tattoo pmu machine is the most popular device on the permanent makeup market.

How to go about picking out the pmu machine you need?

Running speed

Machine operation speed depends on individual comfort needs and the area of your permanent makeup treatment.

  • For pmu beginners or apprentices:

Rotary permanent makeup tattoo machines or coil permanent makeup tattoo machines are your best choice.

These machines have the benefit of preset speed settings. With the preset settings, you know what to do and how to use each set to complete your eyebrow tattoo, nano brow, permanent makeup eyeliner or permanent makeup lip blush procedure. Your practice is simpler and your work with clients is easier. This is especially important if you are new to the PMU industry or learning a new procedure.

  • For pro pmu tattoo artists:

The wireless pmu machine you can’t afford to miss.

One of the greatest benefits of the wireless PMU machine is the complete freedom of control of the speed, there is usually no pre-set speed to choose from with this permanent makeup device. When you use this permanent makeup machine, you will have the choice and freedom to pick the speed you want to work at.

Stroke Length

What is the stoke length?

Stroke length is the distance the needle taper retracts back into the machine. The  stroke length will mainly affect the force of the needle hitting the skin. The longer the stroke length, the greater the “hit” to the skin and the more power the machine will exert.

Many PMU machines have shorter stroke lengths, so if you are switching from a rotary pmu tattoo machine to a wireless pmu tattoo pen, be aware of the hard you “hit”.

Why does the stroke length matter?

The average stroke length of a tattoo machine is 3.5-4.5 mm, but most permanent makeup tattoo pen machines have a stroke length of about 2.0-3.0 mm. QUELLE  permanent makeup machines are generally around 2.1 mm.

When you have a PMU tattoo procedure, the stroke length determines whether the permanent makeup pigment will enter the skin, whether the PMU pigments will bleed out, and how hard it will be on the skin. The longer taper, the harder it will be for the needle to enter the skin, potentially causing unnecessary skin damage to your client.

If you have a rotary PMU tattoo machine, coil PMU machine or wireless PMU machine, then 2.0mm to 3.0 mm is the best ideal for PMU artists.

Machine size

When selecting PMU equipment, the machine was held for 30 minutes to 2 hours per permanent makeup procedure. The importance of size comes into play.

Precis som i ett nya casino med snabba uttag där spelare värdesätter möjligheten att ta ut sina vinster snabbt, skulle både PMU-proffs och kunder dra nytta av utrustning som säkerställer snabba och effektiva procedurer, minskar väntetiderna och ökar kundnöjdheten.

During makeup procedures lasting more than two hours, an ergonomic, lightweight, and well-performing pmu tattoo machine is especially important, but this can vary from person to person, if you have a larger hand grip, you may need a longer PMU pen.

PMU rotary machines, PMU coil machines are more commonly smaller and lightweight, and wireless pmu tattoo pens vary in size and weight, which means a wider selection of wireless permanent makeup machines.

What are the best PMU machines in 2022?

All things considered, the wireless permanent makeup pen is the best choice. allowing easy use, with 3 preset speeds and the stroke lengths from 0.0 to 3.0 mm. All these features make training, practicing, and performance on clients easy. Read this article to find the best machine for you.

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